Wednesday, April 5, 2006


In the course of trying to figure out recent extreme nerve problems, my last blood test had an odd result. The alkaline phosphatase levels (APL) are very high, everything else that was tested (including glucose and cholesterol) was normal. Doc said it was either a lab error, or something seriously wrong: liver, thyroid going crazy, bone problems or various kinds of tumors (I hate it when docs scare patients...) The generic inflammation markers were only slightly up, as normal. All previous tests of APL and thyroid have been normal.

The good news, there is no indication I'm developing diabetes and have no problems with cholesterol, despite the weight I've put on over the last 4 years (50kg :-\). If this is something, there is a chance it's causing the nerve problems, if not, I have to see a back specialist and get MRIs. Unfortunately it seems that this is completely unrelated to all my existing health problems - I was starting to get into a rhythm of managing those until the nerve problems started causing havoc. I go for a more extensive blood workup tomorrow, but am currently extremely freaked and upset.

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