Wednesday, April 26, 2006

lunch today....

Lightish lunch today as I have yoga, packed in my Thermos version of "Mr Bento". Crackers, cheese and salmon dip; salad with home grown lettuce and spring onion plus avocado, tomato, egg and balsamic vineagrette; half a ham sandwich, wasabi peas (plus the egg for the salad); yoghurt with fresh fig, lychee and pineapple. Maple syrup kitkat and lemon soda. It's a long, stressful day (performance review and multitudes of meetings): requires much grazing.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Another lunchtime...

And another belated post - lunchtime on 20 April 2006. Chorizo risotto with fresh bay leaves, mixed vegetables and veggie bites. Fresh fruit (apples, kiwi and fig), parmesan, random nibblies and mineral water.


A belated post for my first bento lunch on 12 April. Salad and balsamic vinaigrette, onigiri (wasabi furoshiki and caraway seeds), beef dim sims, spicy nuts and cranberries in my Totoro bento.

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Overdue update on everything

Lots of things are happening which prevent much updating of any part of the site. I have a very (overly?) full workload at work, I'm running around after medical tests for a couple of new (additional) problems, and I somehow have to keep a house running, kitties happy, learn Japanese and say "Hi" to people occasionally. Long update below...

Recent blood tests showed an increased alkaline phosphotase level, all other measured 'things' were normal, even, strangely, my B12 levels! This prompted a bone scan, as soon as the thyroid was ruled out. Looks like that is normal.

 For some reason all the odd tests recently point out that I have a duplex left kidney... wish they had done that when I was a kid.

Anyhow... as there is nothing left to test, they are going to monitor the level - it may be due to a thickening in some cranial bones, or there may be a developing obstruction in my liver, or something else not yet detectable.

The scan showed I had a straight spine (side to side), although one of my leg bones turns scarily inwards to the knee from the hip!

Nerves are now randomly playing up with pain, numbness and tinglies, so next step is a nerve conduction study and a brain scan... add neurologist to the list of specialists taking care of me.

I like my doctor (GP) - she is very thorough and very fast, two things that almost never goes together. I just have to ensure copies of result 'letters' are sent to all specialists so they can 'talk' to each other if necessary.

Kitties have reluctantly lost weight. Gingy is 7kg and not feeling overweight any more - he is a very large cat. Smokey is sitting svelte at about 5.5kg. Kittenish tendencies still emerge at odd moments, but they are sleeping more, and seeking warm spots (especially at night as it's getting colder). This means I have less bed space to sleep restlessly in.

The house and fixtures are still not completely fixed, the main electrical supply had to be rewired to remove the oven from the low rated safety switch and put in a main switch. A recent inspection where the landladies turned up indicated they did not approve of having cats (despite the signature by the landlord on the lease). We will be moving on - I have had soo much trouble with this house, agent and landlady/lord.

Am becoming expert in DITA-XML, and need to learn XSLT for work as I've led the way and migrated my projects over from unstructured Framemaker. It was less painful in some areas and more painful in others than we had expected.

The ASTC (Vic) website is going to get major new features and a slight design update over the next few months, which will keep me busy in my spare time. (*cough* what spare time?)

I do miss teaching, but unfortunately I don't have enough spare energy to tutor.

I'm desperately awaiting the (reasonably priced) sale of Intel Macs (not a laptop). After playing a Powerbook I've fallen in love with the interface and the hardware. Now, it just needs to play my normal PC games, and I'll happy ditch my unreliable PCs.

Am throwing myself into learning Japanese (language and culture). Work holds free classes, and I've wanted to learn for a while. I find I absorb any new subject faster if I immerse myself as much as funds, health and time allows. Am up to the stage where I can recognise some phrases in anime, and know 98% of the kana so I can pronounce most of what I read (even if I have no idea what it says!)

There is a cat sucking the warmth out of me (and making my legs numb), so I should go and find a heat pack.

I won't promise more regular updates, as my life (and health) is too unpredictable.... I'll update when I can.... as seems to be normal these days....


Wednesday, April 5, 2006


In the course of trying to figure out recent extreme nerve problems, my last blood test had an odd result. The alkaline phosphatase levels (APL) are very high, everything else that was tested (including glucose and cholesterol) was normal. Doc said it was either a lab error, or something seriously wrong: liver, thyroid going crazy, bone problems or various kinds of tumors (I hate it when docs scare patients...) The generic inflammation markers were only slightly up, as normal. All previous tests of APL and thyroid have been normal.

The good news, there is no indication I'm developing diabetes and have no problems with cholesterol, despite the weight I've put on over the last 4 years (50kg :-\). If this is something, there is a chance it's causing the nerve problems, if not, I have to see a back specialist and get MRIs. Unfortunately it seems that this is completely unrelated to all my existing health problems - I was starting to get into a rhythm of managing those until the nerve problems started causing havoc. I go for a more extensive blood workup tomorrow, but am currently extremely freaked and upset.