Thursday, February 23, 2006


I'm juggling too many projects at work at the moment.. one has just been finished, and handed in. I made my first index! 13 pages, double column for a 130 page software user manual. 10% of the manual is probably a little high for an index, but it should be quite comprehensive, I just hope it's useful. I have no idea if the time it took was on par with how long indexers spend - about nine days all up, indexing by hand (I had budgeted for 5 though, which is partly why I have been run ragged at the end of the project).

XML is easier and nicer to work with than Frame, but the authoring tool that we use could do with more development. Our 'elder' tech writer is leaving, so I'm picking up their project, training a new person when hired, and continuing my other projects. At the moment, I feel like I'm working two full time jobs in the time-space of one.

Acupuncture/Chinese herbs seem to be adding to bad symptoms, and not helping the general fibro/adeno pain. The herbs in particular are causing extreme fluid retention - balloon feet anyone? The physio has not helped with the feet problems (or the back, but at least weekly massages are controlling that now). It makes yoga classes more difficult, considering the teacher has increased the difficulty to challenge the more flexible members of the class.

I don't know how I can exercise when I'm completely exhausted and in pain, which is why it just hasn't been happening. Losing weight would help with pain, but that requires exercise - there's that nasty circle again. Day off today.... and somehow I have to get through to the acupuncturist that the herbs they are prescribing are actually damaging me - not looking forward to that.