Thursday, December 21, 2006

Another update

Things are insane here... work is very busy, the pervading smoke is wearing everyone down, and I'm backsliding health-wise :-\ I haven't forgotten I said I'd pop up photos from around my birthday (and earlier). I'm waiting for my camera card to be read and for access to the downloaded photos... </hint> ;>

On languages...

I'm enjoying receiving letters in Japanese from friends and colleagues as it's stretching my skills. I find translating easy, but composing is very difficult. I've ordered a set of kanji cards (don't have the time/energy to make my own), which should arrive sometime early in the new year. Hopefully that will help cement usage into my brain, and not just meaning - mnemonics make it easy for me to remember meanings. It's difficult finding a good quality self-learn German text/workbook. I think I was spoilt with the quality of Ogenki 1 from Japan Times. I've ordered Themen Neu, it was cheaper than the other options and seems to be widely used in Australia. I've yet to find a "teacher's" edition with answers for the exercises. At least I have a live-in test subject ;> I'm sure it will help my pronunciation. Once I have enough confidence/experience I'll be able to play the expansions of the Settlers of Catan card game (we only have the German versions).

On health...

Doc has suggested that I attend Monash hospital as an outpatient and let them fight over which specialist I should see (rheumy, endocrinologist, neurologist, etc). She has received a letter from my current neuro that clearly indicated he has given up. "...possible overuse, tendonitis, most likely fibromyalgia...have given a huge prescription of Neurontin...there are no avenues left..." Gah! Doc suggested that I was depressed, but then skimmed the last several blood tests and ascertained there is definitely something organically wrong.... more tests follow in the new year, I'm sure.

I had a very nasty virus a few weeks ago, and have not recovered. The smoke and an infection are now combining to make me very ill, nauseous, feverish, the works. It does mean that I've lost some weight (finally)! It's probably the best time of year for me to get sick - I don't tend to overeat. Although sugary sweets are still a problem - peppermint and strong sugary flavours help soothe my tummy, at least while I'm eating them ;>

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Overdue update

I've been referenced! In an international journal article no less ;> Someone outside Monash seems to value my honours literature review.

I'll try to upload photos of birthday goodies in the next few days - I am still recovering from being the 'assistant' photographer at a friends wedding on Sunday. Apparently I took some good photos, but I haven't seen them yet, perhaps tonight. I'm glad it wasn't a much larger wedding though - I was exhausted when I got home!

Found a fibromyalgia specialist at the Monash Medical Center, and am waiting to see if he actually consults with patients (or is just a researcher). The neurologist is out of suggestions. It makes me very angry when doctors diagnose you with a disease, and then don't refer you to an appropriate specialist. I've had to seek out specialists myself. Grrrr.

Last week was nice and cool, this week looks like it will be hot. With no air conditioning in my office, I shall swelter, or be blown away by the overly large and powerful fan that I just received.

Sunday, November 12, 2006


Lyrica doesn't seem to do anything (positive or negative) :-\ Having said that, for some  unknown reason I'm horrendously dizzy today.  And now for a day of Japanese studying....

Friday, November 10, 2006

Money isn't everything...

This slashdot thread contains many insightful and pertinent comments. Especially the one about re-doing your work. The number of times I've had to re-write and audit all the documentation (in 1.5 years) due to marketing decisions is astounding. Yet another one cropped up today.... *sigh*

Wednesday, November 8, 2006


I'm going mad.... at times it feels like my head is literally spinning. I think at the moment, a lot of it is due to not being able to find any quiet place. At work there is the air conditioning hum inside (really loud even though my vent is closed), the pool pump and large air conditioning unit for the building outside (don't ask why we have a pool at work...) The building is quite large (55 people and a manufacturing wing, which is probably also adding to the noise). I have to have my window open because I'm allergic to something in the air conditioning. :-\ It's got to the point where it is impairing my concentration at work. Did you know that an air conditioning unit is on average 60dB?!

At home, there is a freeway 1km away, and two major roads nearby. The road noise (to me) is horrible - I can hear it loudly from any part of the house at all hours of the day. Perhaps I'm hypersensitive? I can't even hang heavy curtains in my bedroom to help a little. Add to that, the hot water system which, since being replaced with a 'renovated' boiler, is getting more and more air in the pipes. It can bang in the middle of the night without anyone using the water because the boiler needed to vent.

For some reason all this horrible background noise is making me really anxious and panicky. According to some sites I seem to be suffering from sensory overload. It's stopping me from sleeping, resting, concentrating, studying, working..... A small break away into the lovely quiet country side helped me cope for another few months, but I'm reaching breaking point.

I think the one thing I loved most about our jaunt to Tuki Retreat in Daylesford was the quiet. I was able to relax because of it.... Been jumping around looking at various studies and news articles on background noise and it's effects, here is a collection :

Monday, November 6, 2006

I'm still alive

Work has been so busy, we wrapped up one project, and I immediately shifted to a time critical messy project. I'm frequently completely dead outside of work/cooking/washing. My lawn is crying out to be mowed, and my mower is cringing - my foot won't be up to mow the lawns for a week or so yet. It is on the mend, but it is slow. Me being me, I forget that it's sore, and put it into situations where it gets hurt again. :-\

I had a chance to see how good my Japanese skills are on the weekend. A wizened, old, Japanese soldier was looking for someone to explain rental prices at one of the inspections. The agent was 10 minutes late, so I had a good time floundering around. I think we managed to communicate some things, but that was my first experience with heavily accented Japanese. It was really difficult! JLPT4 in a month... ug... I don't think I'll do well - things are not sticking in my mind. I think it's partly due to the medications I'm on - they induce a lovely brain fog.

Trying Lyrica now, (in addition to Neurontin), for the nerve/fibro pain, which means I'm completely dazed at all times.... yay.... Perfect timing when I have a project I need to get finished at work. Not to mention for studying for an exam without any classes or an in-person teacher.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006


I did my ankle on the weekend, and for once, it is bad enough to need crutches! Oh well, here's hoping I'll be off them by the end of the next weekend at the latest. I think I need to return to my balance board to keep stretching and strengthening my ankles once recovered. I was lazy there for many months.

Why is a decent rental house so hard to find (large, good quality, in good condition, in a useful position, and not overly expensive)? We are on our 8th hunting week now, with only 1 that was apply-worthy (someone else was chosen over our application). Thank goodness we don't have a fixed schedule!

Sunday, October 8, 2006

5 weeks on...

5 weeks and about 40 rental houses looked at. 

Amongst the crud, there have been a few cracked gems (apart from the one we didn't get), most of which reared their heads yesterday.

The Belgrave treehouse on Friday was old, and the traffic noise was insane! It was worse than where we are currently! Instead of waking up really early on Saturday to trudge back up to Belgrave, we went and sat outside the third 'hills' house. Again, the traffic noise was very bad, like being on a main road. Why is it that traffic noise travels more and is louder up in the hills than in the more urban areas?

One yesterday I loved. Sensibly, because there was no storage or cooling, it was not good enough. I could have kept chooks!

The second last one would have been do-able except for the lack of cooling and being right on Springvale road (mmm the worst traffic noise I have ever heard, inside a house).

We decided to throw budget to the wind and look at a brand "new and stunning" house. Definitely new, stunning but a single garage, and the finishing (paint/fixtures) left a lot to be desired. Both of us had paint/dust from brushing past a corner or doorway, and the place was already cracking badly. Previous experience has shown those cracks to become a lot worse.

However, it did show that there were 'nearly there' houses out there, if we were prepared to pay a little more. So, on it goes....

Here's hoping for some excellent fresh stock for next weekend.

Monday, October 2, 2006

Pink for October

My favourite colour is definitely not pink, so why did I turn the blog pink you might ask? Pink for October is raising awareness of breast cancer, something which affect anyone. I'm not at risk more than anyone else, despite there being multiple occurrences of breast cancer in my family, because there are even more occurrences of other types of cancers. But, it still pays to check regularly.

Saturday, September 30, 2006

The flora for this year is....

It's very strange how one or two trees/shrubs leap out - they are different from year to year. This year it's broom, which is currently in full bloom and has a really strong sweet smell. I think it's vying with the wattle for the brightest yellow flowers this year. I wonder why I've never noticed it before!

Tuesday, September 26, 2006


I should have been an architect. The number of houses I have seen in the past three weeks that have serious design faults is astounding. There are showers that I can only just stand in (and I'm not that tall!); drawers over a meter deep going into under the house; a downstairs teenage 'retreat' with beams that even I could bump my head on; a laundry off a bedroom (albeit large enough to be a family room), an 'inside access' door from the garage through a child's bedroom; a floor to hip height, person wide air intake in the middle of the main loungeroom wall; a security system panel placed high on a wall above stairs (yes, you could easily fall down the steps or not reach it if you were short); daylight showing between the carpet and the skirting board; brand new units with one single power point in each bedroom; a stove placed into an old fireplace, such that the overhang was halfway over the stovetop (with no extraction system installed); and many more weird and strange layouts in the hunt for the next rental house.

As you can probably guess, we didn't get the rental we applied for, which was extremely disappointing - it is still by far the best house we have seen (in about 30odd now). The search is physically and emotionally draining (not that I had any drain-able reserves left of either).

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Crash, sick again

Quick random update.... before crashing, sick.... Fingers, toes, eyes and everything else crossed - hope to hear back this week about a rental application. Agent, house and accessibility to both of our workplaces is good.

 Enrolled in the JLPT4 in December... now need to study really really hard to feel that I will pass without just scraping through.

I think I have ear infections - my balance has been completely shot for over a week, sinuses, cheeks and jaw are killing, and I've had a bad fever off and on.

Yesterday's ridiculousness with cars while househunting has left me really run down - but I probably won't get to recuperate this week.  My health and non-transportableness means I don't keep in touch as I'd like to.

Pan's Labyrinth looks fantastic! Something to look forward to in the new year.

Podiatrist agreed with neuro - there are definately neuromas in my feet. Hopefully new insoles with metatarsal 'lumps' will nicely space the bones in my feet, so they stop squishing the nerves. The normal arches will support my ankles better and help the sciatic.

Side note, neurontin seems to be loosing effectiveness and increasing side effects, or perhaps it's just rundown-ness.

 I was pleasantly surprised with the quality of McDonalds' mocha frappe - I hadn't eaten there (apart from fries) for well over 5 years. I shall have to try the strawberry one, mmm.

Anyhow... crashing now in order to have some hope of being workable tomorrow....

Monday, August 21, 2006


Ug... I've slept for 16 of the last 24 hours and still feel exhausted. Does anyone know of a company which is looking for a crack team of C++ developers? I know of a team that may be looking in the near future, and would love to continue working together.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

I was right!

Neuro examined my feet and pronounced that I have neuromas (inflamed nerves). He agreed the best course to take would be to find a podiatrist, but couldn't recommend anyone in particular. We both want to stay far away from surgery! I think he got sidetracked when writing the letter to my employer by what I said about my chronic sinusitis. My chest xrays looked like I smoked or had bronchitis at the time. I avoid smoke like the plague, and only got the nasty cold a week after the xray.

I've had sinusitis for nearly 8 weeks now (it's antibiotic resistent). Last year I had it for 9 months straight - mostly made worse by the air conditioning at work. So the neuro mentioned all this in the letter, stating that I need to be in the optimum health to be able to deal with my physical condition (fibro).

Apparently work thinks that the neuro said nothing, and that the respiratory problems are not what they are dealing with. I wish work would focus on the whole package, because making adjustments for one little thing just won't work. I hope the neuro agrees to talk to them directly. My desktop at work needs an upgrade, so I shall probably be switching to a laptop if the work modifications are approved. I will, however, cut back my social club commitments after I see the year though.

In other news, our weekend away in the country was gorgeous. Tuki retreat is wonderfully relaxing. The food was very good, and they served us in the cabin each night. Breakfast provisions were excellent, although more mushrooms would have been appreciated. The baby lambs were adorable on our drive through the property, and the old VW wasn't happy at being outraced by the two dogs, one of which should have been a lapdog! We spent a day in Daylesford and visited the various chocolate places, both of which have killer chilli chocolates. We'll post photos when we are a little more organised. じゃ また

Tuesday, August 1, 2006


I think I've figured out what's wrong with my feet - neuromas (Moreton's in particular). The symptomology is exact. I even used to have orthotics with bump to raise the metatarsal bridge. I only started having problems when the really expensive *hard* molded orthotics completely ruined my feet in Germany. The podiatrist who created these (Croydon) also then had the gall to say "we normally charge for modifications". I could hardly walk when in Germany, especially on the cobblestones!

I think I need to find my original podiatrist (Clayton) and get a new set of *soft* orthotics with metatarsal lumps. On a down note, everything is flaring, badly. Sinus+throat infection, endo+adeno+ibs pain, fibro fog+dizziness+pain, depression, nausea.... And I was doing well a week or so ago, even managing to walk several times during that week.


Gingy likes licking the floor when it has been washed with Domestos (and is still wet)......

Sunday, July 23, 2006


Berry cheesecake cooking, I'm not sure how it will turn out.  It's based on a green tea cheesecake recipe that I found to be very simple and quick to prepare. I guess-timated the quantities today as I didn't have a full packet of cream cheese, and had extra eggs to use up. I'll post the recipe sometime later this week.

Need to do a little more work before I crash. I have too many 7am starts for work this week.

I wish cross-continental meetings were easier to deal with.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Pain update

I started the day at 6/10 with mostly diffuse pain, but also cramping in my calves, upper and lower back. This progressed to 7/10 at 2pm with a lot of gas. I discovered I was bleeding at 1:50pm. Massage took it back to 5/10, with much less diffuse pain, instead very localised pain at: my left foot - pain when standing, 8/10 spikes; front shins, sides and insides of knees and just above the knees on the outside of my thighs - random, 7/10 spikes; cramping - period, 8/10 with gas; chest, mainly right breast - 7/10 spikes.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Robotic futures

This humanoid robot is so cool ;> Robotics has come a long way to synchonise such complex joints so well. If I didn't detest the theory behind electrical engineering, I probably would have gone into robotics.

Friday, July 7, 2006

Medical mystery.... still a mystery....

Lots of very bad things have now been ruled out by my recent MRIs (MS, lupus, liver and thyroid disease). Good as that is, it means I still don't have a diagnosis :-\ Inflammatory markers in my blood are elevated, as is the alkaline phosphatase level (ALP). Decided that the ALP level I'm hanging around is normal for me as it's been stable for nearly 6 months. Neuro mentioned sarcoidosis as the next checkpoint, I know nothing about that.He took me off amitryptiline (too many side effects, no good effects), to put me onto Neurontin. Will have to see how that goes for 6 weeks.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Anti-nausea medication...

I used to take an anti-nausea liquid when I was on Zoloft... I can't remember what the name of it was, and need it (I think now due to amitriptyline taken for fibro). It isn't letting up, despite changing to bland small meals, and is the same feeling as when I was on Zoloft (with the buzzing and seemingly racing pulse and chattering brain. I'm going to shock my stomach with chilli, either it will be beaten into submission, or it will rebel worse than it already is :-\ The anti-nausea liquid came in a 200mL brown glass bottle, I think with a blue label, and is not often stocked at pharmacies. I last bought it from the Pinewood pharmacy. Wish I could remember what it was called!

Thursday, June 1, 2006


Anyone want to buy an upright piano? (German, M. Albrecht Leipzig) I'll accept something between $500-800 providing you pick it up. It has one key that the action needs work on, cast iron frame, deep gorgeous dark tone (not sparkly like the new pianos you get these days).

I have Skype and Festoon installed at home now... got a cheap camera (Logitech IM Quickcam), which, with good lighting is better than the expensive toys they have at work. The headset needs to be replaced though - it's horrifically uncomfortable. I have my eyes set on a lower model Sennheiser as I love their basic headphones - I can wear them all day without getting sore ears or a headache.

Am nervous about my neuro appointment on Monday. I have no idea if the tests will be painful, or what they will find. The week leading up to Monday has been insane. At least I'll be able to sleep on the weekend (and look for washing machine hoses... I haven't had a chance yet).

Stomp was brilliant last night, although walking past the huge speakers when leaving has left me with very sore ear drums. Melbourne symphony orchestra was neat last Friday too - they played the Sibelius piece that I played when in Grainger Wind Symphony. I can remember how much fun and how prominent the timpany part was to play. I bounced along ;> I should start playing music again.

I ate at a Japanese restaurante last night, unfortunately I can't remember it's name. I think it was on Nicholson Street, and it was fantastic and not overly expensive (only $30). I wish I had a better command of Japanese - I can't understand spoken Japanese (or speak it) nearly as well as written.

And now I should get back to work.... after heating more heat packs.. It's cold here!

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Respite please?!?

In preparation for my neuro visit in June I've been keeping a record of four types of pain/nerve problems (sharp stabbing, dull ache, numbness and tingling), direction, and position. I'm just hoping it is useful and not just 'noise' from the various issues. I've scared myself at how little of my body doesn't have some sort of pain and/or nerve problems

Yoga seems to make them flare badly - I was in agony last night, and only slightly better today. At least I have my sick days back as I've now been working full time for a year.

Compared to a year ago I feel worse for a number of reasons.

I'm much less healthy, pain levels are much higher, I have new undiagnosed health problems, weight is higher, and I am very unhappy with the house we live in.

I'm only just surviving thanks to video night people; fortnightly mahjong, dinner and company; the much bigger and more cat-like kitties of destruction; the new Japanese class, teacher and friends.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

lunch today....

Lightish lunch today as I have yoga, packed in my Thermos version of "Mr Bento". Crackers, cheese and salmon dip; salad with home grown lettuce and spring onion plus avocado, tomato, egg and balsamic vineagrette; half a ham sandwich, wasabi peas (plus the egg for the salad); yoghurt with fresh fig, lychee and pineapple. Maple syrup kitkat and lemon soda. It's a long, stressful day (performance review and multitudes of meetings): requires much grazing.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Another lunchtime...

And another belated post - lunchtime on 20 April 2006. Chorizo risotto with fresh bay leaves, mixed vegetables and veggie bites. Fresh fruit (apples, kiwi and fig), parmesan, random nibblies and mineral water.


A belated post for my first bento lunch on 12 April. Salad and balsamic vinaigrette, onigiri (wasabi furoshiki and caraway seeds), beef dim sims, spicy nuts and cranberries in my Totoro bento.

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Overdue update on everything

Lots of things are happening which prevent much updating of any part of the site. I have a very (overly?) full workload at work, I'm running around after medical tests for a couple of new (additional) problems, and I somehow have to keep a house running, kitties happy, learn Japanese and say "Hi" to people occasionally. Long update below...

Recent blood tests showed an increased alkaline phosphotase level, all other measured 'things' were normal, even, strangely, my B12 levels! This prompted a bone scan, as soon as the thyroid was ruled out. Looks like that is normal.

 For some reason all the odd tests recently point out that I have a duplex left kidney... wish they had done that when I was a kid.

Anyhow... as there is nothing left to test, they are going to monitor the level - it may be due to a thickening in some cranial bones, or there may be a developing obstruction in my liver, or something else not yet detectable.

The scan showed I had a straight spine (side to side), although one of my leg bones turns scarily inwards to the knee from the hip!

Nerves are now randomly playing up with pain, numbness and tinglies, so next step is a nerve conduction study and a brain scan... add neurologist to the list of specialists taking care of me.

I like my doctor (GP) - she is very thorough and very fast, two things that almost never goes together. I just have to ensure copies of result 'letters' are sent to all specialists so they can 'talk' to each other if necessary.

Kitties have reluctantly lost weight. Gingy is 7kg and not feeling overweight any more - he is a very large cat. Smokey is sitting svelte at about 5.5kg. Kittenish tendencies still emerge at odd moments, but they are sleeping more, and seeking warm spots (especially at night as it's getting colder). This means I have less bed space to sleep restlessly in.

The house and fixtures are still not completely fixed, the main electrical supply had to be rewired to remove the oven from the low rated safety switch and put in a main switch. A recent inspection where the landladies turned up indicated they did not approve of having cats (despite the signature by the landlord on the lease). We will be moving on - I have had soo much trouble with this house, agent and landlady/lord.

Am becoming expert in DITA-XML, and need to learn XSLT for work as I've led the way and migrated my projects over from unstructured Framemaker. It was less painful in some areas and more painful in others than we had expected.

The ASTC (Vic) website is going to get major new features and a slight design update over the next few months, which will keep me busy in my spare time. (*cough* what spare time?)

I do miss teaching, but unfortunately I don't have enough spare energy to tutor.

I'm desperately awaiting the (reasonably priced) sale of Intel Macs (not a laptop). After playing a Powerbook I've fallen in love with the interface and the hardware. Now, it just needs to play my normal PC games, and I'll happy ditch my unreliable PCs.

Am throwing myself into learning Japanese (language and culture). Work holds free classes, and I've wanted to learn for a while. I find I absorb any new subject faster if I immerse myself as much as funds, health and time allows. Am up to the stage where I can recognise some phrases in anime, and know 98% of the kana so I can pronounce most of what I read (even if I have no idea what it says!)

There is a cat sucking the warmth out of me (and making my legs numb), so I should go and find a heat pack.

I won't promise more regular updates, as my life (and health) is too unpredictable.... I'll update when I can.... as seems to be normal these days....


Wednesday, April 5, 2006


In the course of trying to figure out recent extreme nerve problems, my last blood test had an odd result. The alkaline phosphatase levels (APL) are very high, everything else that was tested (including glucose and cholesterol) was normal. Doc said it was either a lab error, or something seriously wrong: liver, thyroid going crazy, bone problems or various kinds of tumors (I hate it when docs scare patients...) The generic inflammation markers were only slightly up, as normal. All previous tests of APL and thyroid have been normal.

The good news, there is no indication I'm developing diabetes and have no problems with cholesterol, despite the weight I've put on over the last 4 years (50kg :-\). If this is something, there is a chance it's causing the nerve problems, if not, I have to see a back specialist and get MRIs. Unfortunately it seems that this is completely unrelated to all my existing health problems - I was starting to get into a rhythm of managing those until the nerve problems started causing havoc. I go for a more extensive blood workup tomorrow, but am currently extremely freaked and upset.

Monday, March 6, 2006

Musings on words...

I was typing an email recently and started wondering on word 'creation' and usage. Recorded - originally caused the naming of records (vinyl), and has almost the same meaning as Taped - which I guess is from tape reels or cassette tapes. Is "taped" used elsewhere in the world as much as it is in Australia? This is the word I use by default, but I'm having to switch to recorded in the documentation I write and in business correspondence. Will we get ROMed or CDed, or will we use burnt? Will a new word be invented for recordings of events made online (and not just available on iPods)? Words are strange things..... (And corrections are always welcome ;-) )

Thursday, March 2, 2006


I finally get around to posting more photo links of my two adorable, crazy cats. . Early 2005 . Mid 2005 . Mid-late 2005

Thursday, February 23, 2006


I'm juggling too many projects at work at the moment.. one has just been finished, and handed in. I made my first index! 13 pages, double column for a 130 page software user manual. 10% of the manual is probably a little high for an index, but it should be quite comprehensive, I just hope it's useful. I have no idea if the time it took was on par with how long indexers spend - about nine days all up, indexing by hand (I had budgeted for 5 though, which is partly why I have been run ragged at the end of the project).

XML is easier and nicer to work with than Frame, but the authoring tool that we use could do with more development. Our 'elder' tech writer is leaving, so I'm picking up their project, training a new person when hired, and continuing my other projects. At the moment, I feel like I'm working two full time jobs in the time-space of one.

Acupuncture/Chinese herbs seem to be adding to bad symptoms, and not helping the general fibro/adeno pain. The herbs in particular are causing extreme fluid retention - balloon feet anyone? The physio has not helped with the feet problems (or the back, but at least weekly massages are controlling that now). It makes yoga classes more difficult, considering the teacher has increased the difficulty to challenge the more flexible members of the class.

I don't know how I can exercise when I'm completely exhausted and in pain, which is why it just hasn't been happening. Losing weight would help with pain, but that requires exercise - there's that nasty circle again. Day off today.... and somehow I have to get through to the acupuncturist that the herbs they are prescribing are actually damaging me - not looking forward to that.

Thursday, January 19, 2006


Huge fibro flare.... am screaming here... need the pain killers to kick in as I'm meant to be working....

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Unpublished climate change simulation paper available

I received an email requesting the use of a paper I had written for a subject in Computer Science honours at Monash University in 2003. Unfortunately I've lost that email in my migration to a new OS install, but I did receive permission to make it publicly available. This paper discusses simulation of climate change, and was written for the Epistemology of Computer Simulation (CSE467) in 2003 at Monash University as assessment for part of my honours degree. (PDF, PS)