Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Xmas stuff

Lots of pressies, both given and gotten. The only food presents were from Caroline and Helga (cookies and sweets from Germany).  I got an iPod Nano! *bounce* Now to crash it *grin*

Saw Narnia on Boxing Day, and agree it was fairly flat, but the most accurate book screen translation I have every seen! Loved the Ice Queen, music was a little overbearing, remaining acting was lackluster, effects were good, continuity had a few problems, overall I enjoyed it.

Now have the full set of Dune miniseries and some very useful stitching frames (my most oft-used one broke recently).

Updated to Suse 10 and KDE 3.5 and am appalled at how unstable the configuration of everything seems to be - desktop configuration and themes only half work, and break when something else is configured. Firefox upgrade has made most of the useful extensions uninstallable. On the up-side, the response times are much quicker and applications contain more features that I will probably use. For some unknown reason my system presents a Dutch login screen on startup.

Windows interface to iTunes sucks when importing playlists. You can't bulk import! At least it works over Samba - there is no way I'm moving my music collection onto my Windows machine.

Hope everyone reading this had a good Xmas and will have a fun New Years!
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