Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Scary real estate agent...

The stove, the dishwasher and the evaporative cooler have been fixed. I've yet to hear from the electrician for the phone wiring, aerial and oven, and another halogen transformer is now overheating (and turning off), randomly. The agent decided to go ahead with the repairs (after 2 months notice) without the landlord's permission, because the next step would have been to get a consumer affairs evaluator out.

The agent commented that we should 'take the flak' for this, but I categorically refused. I've been putting everything in writing, and a chat to a consumer affairs person showed just how ridiculous this situation is (and every repair we have asked for is quite reasonable, or a rental decrease should be given).

I've just found out that other friends have had experience with this real estate agent. One incident of note is where the tenant fell through the floor, and the agent tried to pin the cost of the repair on the tenant! It took a tribunal decision for them to back down.

In the two months I've been with this agent, he's dropped in conversation that he'd spent time at the tribunal at least three times. Please stay clear of this real estate agent! I guess we'll be moving in a year. :-\

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