Monday, November 28, 2005

Bad landlords and agents

We have moved. The house, while it looked gorgeous and well maintained had (and still has) a host of problems lurking under the surface, many of them potentially deadly wiring problems. (warning - long list follows)

An intermittent light, a dishwasher wired directly into the mains which blows the main fuse each time it enters the drying phase, all powerpoints wired as one circuit, an old gas stove connected to gas in the double garage (making it a single garage), rubbish filling the garage (old furniure), metal rubbish throughout the yard (including a rusty truck transmission and other parts), the only working phone point being in the hall cupboard, aerial not working, watering system half working, nasty weeds popping up everywhere (blackberries), badly ripped fly screens, doors that don't snip, a gate that doesn't close, windows that can't open, oven display and timer that is not wired correctly and doesn't work, evaporative cooler that only works (for a couple of hours) when it has rained, leaking taps, missing fly screens, missing keys, and an unmonitored security system that dials out. Not to mention the unclean carpets (certainly not steam cleaned), the dirty house and the unkempt yard which meant we had to get the relevant people in to clean the house before we moved in - delaying the move and causing large amounts of stress.

To top it off, the agent accused us of taking advantage of them and the landlord when we put in amaintenance request for the wiring, cooler and fixing of the screens after the previous request for rubbish removal, window repairs and security system deactivation. The left the fridge and the gas stove in the garage, it isn't even on our lease, and we were promised when we signed the lease that all rubbish (apart from one wardrobe) would be removed.

We are horribly frustrated with this particular agent, and the landlord - the house was not prepared adequately (or legally) for the rental market. Especially considering the house is in Wheelers Hill, typically a higher-than-usual quality rental area. We are paying a fortune for this house, and expect it to be in working order, and don't expect to be insulted for requesting this! We still haven't got the wiring fixed! We've wasted the monetary equivalent of three months of rent in missed work time. *grr* Can you tell I'm fuming.

Please email me for the agent details if you are interested in avoiding them.

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Back online

I'm back online now... after a two week gap where there were phone problems, then ADSL problems and security problems, which turned out to be more phone problems. This all due to moving.... (Not to mention the electrical wiring problems that reliably causes the main fuse to blow when the dishwasher is in its drying phase). Catching up on much missed and sorely needed sleep.