Sunday, August 14, 2005

Tired... but keeping on keeping on

My three month probationary period is over, and I've accepted the permanent position as a technical writer, although, at present I feel a lot more like a project manager. Two projects I've essentially finished, the more daunting one only just last week. It had started to really get to me, as I couldn't drag useful feedback from the people I needed to, no matter how hard I tried. I had received excellent feedback from a load of other people, which was wonderful. I guess that's what happens when you work for a multi-national company.

I actually got some things done during the weekend, despite having a concert on Saturday evening. A small amount of cleaning and washing, some gardening (planting of seedlings and Seasol'ing the entire garden), and I even cooked banana bread. Normally I have enough energy to sleep. Am horribly sore now (from the watering with a can), with the beginnings of a very bad fibro flare. I'll have to go for a walk tomorrow, or to gym, or something, otherwise I'll have a devil of a time sitting all day.

This week I get to come in to work at 3am on one day for a seminar (webinar), presented in the States, and of course, not repeated at any sensible time for anyone else. At least I'll go home early and sleep lots. In a couple of weeks I'll be taking over the webmaster job for the Victoria tech writer's association. Their website desperately needs updating, and apparently I was the only one who responded to their calls for volunteers. That's one of the areas I miss in my current job (dirtying my hands with HTML hacking).

Anyhow... sleep time....

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