Sunday, July 17, 2005

Long overdue update

"Bored with your drums? Use them as flip flops!" - Kevin Bishop, Eurovision 2005

The new(ish) job is going well. I've recruited at least one other person to join the company as a technical writer, and have almost finished the documentation project I was given when I started (which was a lot larger than anyone expected). Now I'm working on a huge open ended project, which I'm quite enthusiastic about, but also fairly apprehensive about how it will be received. My body hasn't gotten used to working full time yet. By the time the weekend rolls around, my pain levels have gone up quite a lot, and I end up sleeping 13-18 hours Friday and Saturday nights.

I don't even check email most weeknights now, getting home in the dark and cold, I immediately sit in front of the heater, have dinner, then go to bed. I had no idea working full time would put such a hold on everything else I want to do. So far a couple of bad health flares have stopped me getting seriously into gym, and I need to change the routine designed a couple of weeks ago to feel more comfortable.

I want to do about 30-40 mins of cardio, and do the ball (stabiliser) work at home. My old routine was very good (designed by a physio) but took 1.5-2 hours. As I only get 1 hour for lunchtime, I need to split it up. I haven't lost any weight yet, still have about 40kgs to lose :-\ I'm going to miss my weekly massage (therapist is away for a month), as it helps with the inflammation and fluid build up. Looking at getting a natural keyboard for work (and for home), and some more supportive chairs, as the shape of my back has changed quite a lot in the last year or so. Hives have settled again to requiring 1 anti-histamine every 2-3 days, much better than the twice a day dosage that I need when dealing with family.

Kitties are doing well, Gingy is still at about 7kg, and Smokey is as bright as ever. He'll come and attack the laser pointer 'pen', rather than the light on the floor when he's had enough. Thank goodness they can't get their own food!

Garden is growing, all the cuttings I took about this time last year have been planted out, and are thriving. Geraniums, daisies, lavender, chinese lanterns and a couple of low growing Australian natives now pepper the front garden. I'm hoping that come spring it won't look so desolate. Need to find energy to do the back garden, but am currently too sore.

Dinner time.... hopefully I'll be able to write more often in here, and update in the near future...