Friday, April 8, 2005

Has anyone heard of a feline-chef certification program?

Recently, whenever I have been preparing food, be it cat food or human delights, Gingy has been sitting on the stool watching my every move with such incredible intent. I think his goal in life is to become the first human-food feline chef!

Gingy's also been terribly dependent recently as we are both away for most of the day, plus recently, weekends and some evenings, so they have been missing their regular playtime with their humans. It hasn't fazed Smokey at all, and the effects are somewhat lessened by providing them with Real-TV (my bedroom window with the net cutains drawn aside, the can watch birds insects flit around).

However, it's a little worrying that Gingy spends a lot of his time pining when he can't find his humans. I'd hate to think what he would be like without Smokey to keep him company!
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