Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Further adventures of MegaCat and Terror!

Gingy is definitely living up to his nickname of MegaCat - currently he is nearly 5.5kg and is only 6 months old. He hasn't finished growing yet! Smokey has learnt a new trick - how to turn the kitchen tap on. The other night there were a few loud crashes and then the sound of water running. The kitchen tap had 'mysteriously' turned itself on, quite hard (and on the hottest setting). Expecting to be told off, Smokey ran away from the scene, but gave in to curiosity and returned when no scolding occurred. Thank goodness this is the only 'lever' tap in the house, and from now on I think I'll have to be careful to leave it set to cold. An amusing habit of Smokey's is jumping on top of anything that Gingy goes into, be it boxes, doonas, pillow cases, bags, etc. Gingy doesn't seem phased at all, thank goodness. Smokey sits there watching and waiting till Gingy's head disappears from view, then gleefully pounces on top. He is certainly a terror!
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