Thursday, March 24, 2005

Water retention

Doctors visit yesterday was not overly pleasant as the doc had to push around my tummy (at least she didn't poke the kidney area, cos it's horribly sore from the sciatic trying to play up). I was there to find out if there was something wrong that was (is) causing my legs, ankles and feet to swell up horribly. As I'm on my feet for most of the day and walking up to 2 hours each day, I end up not being able to walk at night :-\ Doc thinks it's due to the continuous pill, building up stockpiles of oestragen and progestogen, so I'm taking a week break to see if it helps the fluid go away again. She was also not happy with my blood pressure (140/100), and is the fourth doctor to threaten blood pressure medication. I'm seeing her in a week and will be doing everything in the meantime to get it down to something a little more normal.

So... looking for gentle natural diuretics. So far the suggestions have included: parsley, asparagus, celery (yuck), and caffeine (which I'm going to mostly avoid). I don't want to stress my kidneys much as they are probably playing a sluggish part in not getting rid of the water. I have a week of non-teaching over easter, so will be resting and hopefully recovering!

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