Saturday, March 12, 2005

Disappeared, random updatey goodness

I was too exhausted to post in the last week - my first week of 'full time' tutoring. Boy, it hurt.

Tue/Wed/Thu I ended up in bed as soon as I got home (or after a bath), as I could not walk, the pain in my legs was excruciating. It didn't help that my insteps have truly ruined my feet (they are very badly fitted - a wasted $450!). My right foot has a solid bump (created by pressure) right down the outside now, so I'm in my old sneakers for a couple of weeks to a month till I get enough money to buy a decent new pair. The bump is similar to what I get on my wrists using a mouse without a gel pad for support. The doc's once described it as kind of a benign cyst, caused by pressure. I don't know what they are, but they hurt :-\

On Friday I was feeling a lot better, till I walked home, then I crashed again for a couple of hours. However I was up and cooking dinner in the evening (something not even considered on the other days!). By the end of the night I was dead again due to too much being on my feet for cleaning up the kitchen, putting washing away, etc.

The kitties are a little off-kilter with me not being there during the day, and then crashing as soon as I return (they happily crash with me though, they'll keep me company till my bedtime, then they'll be up and playing).

Gingy has managed to lose his collar again, this time it's probably in the spot Smokey has hidden his - I still haven't found them. But... we bought some elasticised collars a couple of shops ago, so we could deal with this problem - Gingy seems _much_ happier with it, possibly as it doesn't have a tag. Smokey's elastic collar is being frayed by lots of claw work, and actually looks really cute (royal purple threads fringing his neck).

The classes... CSE1301 (intro C programming) and 2395 (Perl) tutes don't start till next week, as does consultation, so my hours will go up again by about 10 hours, but only 4 of that will require me to be standing. The rest of the classes (apart from one) were a lot of fun, and being all 'intro to windows/linux' pracs, they mostly finished early. My CSE1304 classes have a lot of students who aren't first years, which makes them noisy and much more fun! Looks like I also get to keep my 3 student prac - yay! Small classes mean a lot more interaction, which with prof. comms. is a lot more fun.

The only class that didn't work that well was the CSE1301 prac, although there are a couple of very good students in there, there are a lot who don't listen to instructions, and need very detailed guidelines. I tend to run my classes loosely, in that I wander around helping and marking over people's shoulders when I notice they have completed a section. I keep track of whether they understand what they are doing by the questions that they ask, and how they go about debugging problems while I'm wandering.

I had a couple of students in this prac who were completely put out by me saying, yup - you have a floppy, therefore I trust that you have done the 'How to use a floppy' part, they seemed to want to show me every tiny step they made (and they did it slowly). This will make it hard for the other students to get help. I hope those students settle into a less demanding role.

 Oh yeah... and the first class of the week contained that student who emailed me (claiming I was discriminating against working students). They didn't say a word, which means I have no idea if they understood anything I said during the tute.

I forgot my keys on Wednesday, so had to wait a long time before I could get in (over an hour). I was in loads of pain, and close to tears, but I managed my old way of coping - doing gardening. I tilled the potato patch, turning under all the borage seedlings == from one plant it's now a weed in this garden!!!). The soil has become beautiful with all the straw that composted into it, so hopefully this weekend I'll put some seeds out (and hopefully will get more than a few measly carrots for my efforts! The last seed planting just did not work). I also raked out the weeds from the other half where I could reach without over-exerting myself. I am looking forward to getting out there today/tomorrow to plant and re-arrange pots, and take cuttings.

I've started a new x-stitch, one that Debbie brought back from Canada (Celtic Seasons). It had a bad start to life as I had to unpick wrongly counted sections twice. But it's coming along. It's a lot larger than I originally thought, so it may be a while till I finish it. I should start the second hedgehog for Helga's birthday in June (I finished her Xmas present in Feb, but it hasn't been washed yet. Another task for this weekend).

I need to get some work done though, specifically a Perl script to parse and rip out info from assignment submissions. I guess this is practise for my Perl tute next week, as the tutorial hasn't been written yet (probably get that on Monday). I'm actually looking forward to the pracs next week - it's not the stupid intro stuff. I'm enjoying being back tutoring (as opposed to lecturing), even though it's killing me physically.

Oh, and I finally got an appointment with the Alfred allergy clinic, so my hives will finally be looked into (after 6 months!!). I talked to the pharmacist and he said it was fine to double my medication (Telfast, top dosage, once a day == to one every 12 hours), when the flare is bad.

I must have done something good this week (possibly the three baths and lots of rest when home!), as they aren't too bad. There are random spots all over, and my head is horridly itchy (and bumpy), but not the 'sheets' of swellings that was common for a couple of months.

I don't know whether to put it down to the doubled meds, or me just being more settled, or the many salty baths. It doesn't seem to react to any foods (I thought a little while back there that it may react to dairy, which I shouldn't have anyway), soaps/moisturisers/scrubs don't seem to make it any worse or better. So it will be interesting to see what the Alfred doc comes up with.
Weight-loss isn't happening, but with all the walking, I have certainly noticed a fit difference in my clothes. So maybe I'm creating muscle as I'm losing fat? Give it a little longer.

I've recently calculated at a couple of websites that I should be having 1800-2000 calories per day to lose weight (and 2500 to maintain). This was different to the PalmPDA program suggested (1300!!). I finding it relatively easy to stick to 1500, but had a couple of days there where I binged (and didn't beat myself up about it - I deserved it with all the walking, teaching and stress!)

Anyhow... off to do stuff not on the computer....
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