Thursday, March 3, 2005

Alien versus Predator

This is another movie I had been wanting to see once it hit DVD (I avoid 'flashing' style movies in the cinemas as that is a sure fire way of giving myself a migraine). I wasn't expecting much, and it didn't deliver much by way of characters or storyline. The history aspect was interesting, as was the combination of three cultures (in heiroglyphs, etc). The effects were good, although the aliens were not as believable as they were in #4 (which is my favourite of the series). The science used was quite unbelievable (Babylonian dates using a metric system? I don't think so....).

Still, it was fun, it was action packed, it had decent special effects, the music and sound was done well, and it set the scene for a much wider scope of storylines for future Alien and Predator movies, whether the two races are combined or not. I could think up a whole hoard of what-if's and storylines. The special features on the DVD weren't overly inspiring, but it was interesting to see just how much expansion AvP had in the comic industry. I had no idea! Probably only collectible to complete the Alien set we have (and it's a whole load better than Alien 3, but that's not saying much).

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