Wednesday, March 2, 2005

The Adventures of MegaCat and Terror

We had our first breakout the other night. Smokey (aka Terror), pushed out the kitchen fly screen, jumped down over 6 foot to the ground, and then just stood there, till he was discovered.

 Luckily (or stupidly), he came up to me when I went outside calling to him, so he was locked inside very quickly. Much upset, crying ensued at all windows and doors when he realised that he had been outside, and missed his chance to explore. Food managed to quieten him a bit, but not for long.

As a result of this escape, the collars of doom (with bells on) were put on both kitties. They hate the bells, Gingy (aka MegaCat, because he is over 5kg and still a kitten!), kept backing away from the collar. But for some reason, he never got further away from the bell! (His expression was hilarious).

Smokey was simply stressed, and unhappy. So, the bells came off, and we decided to refit their collars on Friday night, when we'd be home for more than 24 hours straight.

This fuss did make Smokey forget that there was a world outside. The refit went smoothly with me around to keep an eye on them. I ended up playing with them constantly for several hours (they completely wore me out), to distract them from their collars.

A couple of days later, Gingy's collar was discovered in the hall, and was put back on immediately.

Smokey sees this and thinks...
    "If I lose my collar in plain view, it is refitted as soon as it is seen. Hmmmm....."
So... he hides his collar. Very, very, very well. 

Three days later, and turning the washing baskets, couch cushions, curtains and everything in the house upside down looking for it, I still can't find it. He is not-a-cat, too smart....
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