Tuesday, February 8, 2005


For some reason I was musing about what makes a good series.

Obviously this is a very subjective measure, but for me, it's the same reason that I get lost in some books - depth. Depth of story, depth of characters, depth of acting, and the amount of effort put into wardrobe, effects, makeup and music.

Although the series that I've got into recently don't have as much in the realm of effects/plot arcs/etc, they definitely have their moments.

Criminal Intent has some really twisted story lines, and the lead actor projects depth of character really well. It helps that one of the DA's (I think that's what his character is) looks like my ex-boss.

One series that I have really started to like is NCIS, mainly due to the characters and their interactions. There's the stereo-typical punk-goth Abby, who is quite geeky and has some fantastic quips (paraphrased): "I've some good news and some bad news. Bad news, the victim had a burger and fries for his last meal, probably everyone else on the base had the same. The good news - I know what's in the 'Special Sauce'! *bounce*"

It's so rare to see such a 'realistic' portrayal of a goth on TV. (I'm sure I will be flamed for this one!)

The characters are quite stereo-typical, but played so well that it just works. The geek, who makes a great hacking team with Abby, the scientist/mortician/forensics expert who has an incredible memory for details and strange anecdotes, and likes to talk the ears off anyone who'll listen. The all-American-Jock, who I although haven't figured out why he is on the team, is rather useful for getting things done, and for having his mind broken by the rest of the team. Leaving the profiler, who hasn't shown much depth yet, and the team leader, who delights in tormenting his team (and shows his delight when they do well - a good boss).

Another series that I've gradually warmed to is the Gilmore Girls. Yes, yes... very unlike me to like such a show. I wish I had Lorelai for a mum! It's unbelievable that there exist people such as these - everything is too fast paced. Then there is the town and the townsfolk - a very odd bunch. Maybe similar people do exist, but I've just never met them. Neat show all the same.

Of course there are my favourites, which most people can guess - Babylon 5, Crusade, Star Trek:DS9, Dark Angel, Xena, SG1, Buffy, Angel and Farscape. All of these have decent depth of story, engaging characters, neat special effects and makeup, and typically great costumes (and some appalling ones too!)
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