Sunday, February 13, 2005

Computers hate me

Just set everything up at home, having returned from house-sitting, and the power supply was not working fully (it was missing interrupts from the keyboard/mouse through the KVM). Grr.

Discovered yesterday when I turned it on for the first time that the BIOS had forgotten everything and refused to boot before we went through and checked all the settings. However, an extra $18 got me a lovely strong silent power supply.

So here I am, with music playing, and not being able to hear the computer without really listening for it. Ahhhhh, bliss! I'll never want to use my noisy Windows machine again.

Study is fairly cat proofed - the windowsill is now clear, and the old Valhalla cinema posters have been thrown (they were decorating the desk under the glass surface, and really bugging me). Shelves got re-organised so I can easily get to my herb collection, and no longer need the third desk in the study.

That will give me a bit more room to set up a good area for meditation, as well as give me room for dressmaking, because the second desk is also completely clear.

Am much happier in this space now!

The shelves in my bedroom also got a small re-organisation, books got compressed into taking up two fewer shelves so I can put my vitamins/oils/etc in an easy to reach spot that will also remind me to take them when I get up in the morning, and use the oils to help sleep at night.

I'm busy washing/drying curtains so I can pack them away (cats love climbing curtains - I've had to pull back my bedroom net curtains to save them). This will make the house seem lighter and less dingy (think 60's/70's greens, browns, creams, mmm).

Grr.... looks like the power management is screwing up again... time to scour the linux config...
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