Friday, January 21, 2005

Update to Suse 9.2

Well... after a lot of stress of backing up 17G of stuff from my linux machine to my windows machine, a relatively painless SUSE install from DVD, and now just starting the re-transfer of my backed-up stuff, I am back online, albeit without email, news, bookmarks, or anything else really useful. The personal release of Suse 9.2 contains hardly any of the programs I commonly used (kmoon, kteatime, Umbrello, Lyx, Pybliographer, most of the KDE-programs), so I am very un-impressed, although it was the smoothest installation I had ever witnessed of a linux system. It does mean however, that I will have to operate on a reduced system till February when, once back home, I can use the fast (and not over-quota) connection to get all my missing programs. *sniff* KDE3.4 is due for release sometime in March, and the features list looks spiffy - looking forward to that update.

Health == crap... depression has completely bombed me out. Brother has phoned a couple of times noting that "Nanna would absolutely love to hear from me" as she is in hospital recovering. I haven't given in and phoned anyone to find out what happened or if she is ok. I'm being strong on that front. Not being strong on the food or the 'go outside' fronts. I'm at the stage where I get panicked when I'm about to go outside. Not good... Possibly made worse by weaning off Effexor (down to 2/3 of a dose per night (150mg normal dosage)). I have to go out tomorrow as I only have one tablet left. *sigh*

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