Thursday, January 27, 2005

Sacred Space, by Denise Linn

Denise Linn has written a down to earth book, packed with ideas for creating peaceful, energetic, and happy atmospheres both at the office and home. Decoration ideas, the use of colour, light, sound, smell and textures are all discussed in depth, focusing on how each affects the perceptions and feelings of the occupants of the space. Feng Shui ideas are touched on, but a more relaxed approach is encouraged. Denise refers to this as 'intuitive Feng Shui', and is in my opinion, a more sensible way to analyse and decorate any living or working space, as opposed to following rigid 'rules'. Energy cleansing, clearing and enhancing techniqes using music, bells, incense, chanting, and many other tools are discussed.

Often the history of these techniqes is also included, with Denise noting where and how they are used in different cultures. Many anecdotes and practical examples are noted, which increases enthusiasm and understanding for working with your spaces. Although I think some of the decoration and placement sections would benefit from illustrations, there are excellent textual descriptions. There are sections covering gardens and office spaces, often not covered by other books on the same topic. A good reference for creating a 'home with a heart', ideas that are easy to use, and explanations that are easy to read.

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