Saturday, January 8, 2005


I learnt something important last night - that if I drop a heavy dictionary on my foot corner first, it will hurt a ridiculous amount! The corner landed right next to my big toe joint, and broke one/more blood vessels as it bruised badly immediately. I iced it and kept it elevated overnight and currently it's a little swollen, quite blue/black/purple, my big toe doesn't have that much mobility, but I'm quite sure I'll make a full recovery. I won't be walking anywhere for a bit, or wearing shoes for a couple of days as they normally put pressure on that area. Annoying, as I needed to do some garden work before I leave to house-sit on Tuesday, for a month. I'm sure Gingy will miss me horribly as he is getting to be uber-dependant - crying if he doesn't know where I am or can't get to me (outside, closed doors, etc). Tummy has been upset for a couple of days, am powering through Bolletje (better than Zweiback - a little sweeter and lighter), lemonade, mint tisane and Mylanta tab-thingys. I hope it doesn't continue much longer.
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