Monday, January 10, 2005

Only the strong survive

My windows box has been raised from the dead.

Something took out everything except the processor, memory and the floppy drive.
  • First the power supply was replaced, as we thought that it was just that part, but no... 
  • Memory was replaced... no good, so we stick with the old memory for the time being. 
  • Motherboard was next, swapping over the cpu/fan from the dead one. 
  • That did something, but the fan on the CPU was dead, and needed replacing. 
  • When the hard drives were plugged in, one little bit glowed, smoked and burst into flames. So I lost my Windows drive and data completely and irretrievably! :-\ 
  •  The other drive was recoverable (linux) with a replacement controller board, but there was nothing I needed on there. 
  • Video board was dead. 
  • The CDRom had enough self-control to pull the drawer in and out, but not to turn. 
The current theory is that the power supply failed catastrophically sending a surge down the 12V line, which all the lovely drives were plugged into. The CPU survived as apparently there are loads of protective bits around it.

I think I slept through most of the ordeal, or watched various things on TV, trying to deal with a blinding headache (still have it).

 Installing windows was a pain as the DOS fdisk really can't handle large disks. So Knoppix came in handy ;> Finding drivers for Windows was also not too easy, most of the hardware is years younger than Win98. But, it's all up and running now, with enough space to pack various games in. Yay!

I can see a linux upgrade to Suse 9.2 around the corner too.. but that means backing up current install to the Windows machine, something I'm not looking forward to. But... if it stops the linux box from requiring a file-system check on each start-up, I will be much happier.
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