Friday, January 28, 2005

The Essential It's so Natural, by Alan Hayes

This is an absolutely fantastic book, packed full of natural remedies and recipes for all kinds of things! Topics covered include cleaning, body care, natural toiletries, natural health care, first aid, fragrance products, gifts, natural home products (including discussions about choice of of furniture, wall coverings, textiles, floors, appliances, shoes and more), pest control and so much more. The section on gardening is very easy to follow and covers the usual topics, such as composting, worms, pest control, fertilisers as well as keeping chooks and choosing the right plants for your garden.

Alan writes in an easy to read conversational manner, all the ideas are sensible and no-nonsense. The Australian author provides a list of further reading and resources (including many Australian references), which although somewhat out of date, most entries are still relevant. This is a book that I definitely intend to purchase when I get the chance.

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