Thursday, November 4, 2004


I fell asleep, I was just going to lie in bed for a little while to try to stop my chest/back from cramping (it was what was making me feel nauseous). When I woke up, it had stopped cramping, but I was severely hurting all over, and running a high fever. The hives had made a concerted effort to turn my body into a single welt. I probably should go to hospital, but the cost, time and the fact that they would just give me a very strong anti-histamine is stopping me. The tops of my legs are one big welt, they have made it into my hair, on my neck, covering my chest and arms, on my sides and belly, and they have even managed to build a colony on my face (thank goodness it's not too bad there - just lumpy and red on my cheeks, not overly welty). Doctors tomorrow.

It may be because I have been eating a lot of dairy recently - but I really have no idea what is causing such a bad reaction. It's only been just under 24 hours since the last tablet, and it's never been this bad. It's horrifically itchy, and painful in a way similar to shingles. My glands are quite sore too (throat, neck and arms), and it's quite difficult to breathe (panic, costo or allergy...). I'm scared.

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