Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Therapeutic oil and spray for hives (chronic urticaria)

Please don't copy these recipes without attributing me as the author. I am not a qualified aromatherapist, these recipes are based on what has worked for me and the scents that I prefer.

I've managed to come up with an oil formulation that provides a little relief for my hives and a lovely scent to help my mood, and just made a bottle sized batch after testing it for a few weeks. If I had jojoba oil, I'd be using that instead of half of the wheatgerm oil quantity. It doesn't clear up any of the welts, but makes them less itchy and a little less angry. I've also taken to using a little of this as a moisturising face oil once every couple of days, before using the Kosmea sunscreen (I haven't found a moisturiser with SPF30+ but not containing parabens yet - however the new Kosmea range is due out any time now).

Soothing oil

40ml grapeseed oil (base + preserving properties)

40 ml almond oil (base)

30 ml rosehip oil (base + moisturising properties - especially good for dry skin)

30 ml wheatgerm oil (base)

10 ml calendula oil (skin inflammation + healing of abrasions)

8 ml 3% chammomile in jojoba (the best oil for skin inflammation, itchiness + emotional aspects)

20 drops 3% rose in jojoba (emotional aspects + smells gorgeous)

10 drops lavender (antiseptic poperties + emotional aspects)

5 drops bergamot (for aggravated skin)

5 drops jasmine (emotional aspects + smells gorgeous)

5 drops neroli (emotional aspects)

3 drops patchouli (skin aggravation, to ground the top notes)

3 drops juniper (cleansing toxins)

When welts are screaming out to be itched, a cooling spray can help for a short time. It needs to be shaken each time, kept in a very fine mist sprayer and can be kept in the fridge for extra cooling.

Cooling spray

75ml distilled water 25ml liquid aloe (moisturising, cooling)

10 drops 3% chammomile in jojoba (anti-inflammatory)

2 drops 3% rose in jojoba (emotional aspects)

2 drops lavender (antiseptic)

I've also found that my daily toner spray helps the angry welts. I use this twice daily to help control my usual upset, skin that is usually both too oily and peeling (with many acne pimples, cysts and blackheads). It's very cooling after being in the sun too.

Toner spray

80ml witchhazel (toning)

10 ml rosewater (toning)

5 ml liquid aloe (moisturising)

4 drops 3% chammomile in jojoba (anti-inflammatory)

4 drops lavender (antiseptic)

4 drops tea trea (antiseptic)

2 drops geranium (skin oil balancing)

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