Wednesday, November 3, 2004


1.5 days after my last dose of Effexor and I'm starting to experience the skips/jolts very badly. Reminded me to go and take it (exhaustion makes me extremely forgetful). Stomach is also rebelling, so am sipping chammomile, spearmint and peppermint tea. Come to think of it, my whole body is rebelling at the moment - it needs more sleep and less junky food (eaten only to get me through the marking and the last couple of weeks of get-rid-of-family).

It was fresh outside today, the ground was damp and weeding in some of the overgrown pots was a lot easier. Need to find some companion plants for my lemon tree, and feed it. I rescued my huge hanging basket of ferns and popped some ivy cuttings in. It really needs repotting in a much larger basket. However, I don't have any potting mix, let alone a larger wire basket/lining. Those are the next 'major-ish' garden purchases. The plethora of cuttings seems to be doing ok after the initial die-off from the end of winter. The aphids appear to have been eaten finally, which means the scented geraniums are much happier. Hopefully they'll catch up to the other pelargoniums which are growing happily. I need another couple of wheeled pot stands to put the lilly/ivy and japanese maple on, but that can wait a while. I also need to weed the back fence, trampoline area and clean up the front yard. Obviously, not till I've finished the marking and am feeling a little better...

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