Wednesday, October 6, 2004

A nasty virus!

There were actually late assignments to mark, so I hadn't finished with marking. Shortly into the second one I felt like crap and went to bed.

 This morning I felt rotten, later developments indicate a nasty fluey virus. Joints and muscle edges hurt, twinged and cramped continuously, especially my feet and hands. I couldn't type, could hardly walk (thank goodness my house has a long corridor - support either side is fantastic in such a situation), couldn't see straight (triples of everything - yay!), had a very heavy solid headache, and couldn't move my neck.

I woke up, emailed the necessary people, and went back to sleep feeling bad about missing consultation, knowing there would be a bunch of students there :-\

The phone rang 10 times throughout the day, three of those simply hung up (I screen calls). One was Debbie, a little panicked because she hadn't read her email and didn't know that I was too ill to come in - there was a pile of students at my office door and it was 2:30 (consultation is normally at 2-5).

So, that was my first up and about session. After talking with Debbie, I noticed my chest was burbling at me... mmm... gotta love that drownded bronchial sound and feeling. This gave me a better idea what was happening.

Sometime during the phone rings I remembered I'd missed my anti-depressant which was causing loads of little jumps and ticks, my dreams were shifting like crazy! So took various tablets, vitamins, a couple of panadol, and a shot of bronchitis cough mixture, wrapped up various joints in compression bandages, and tried to read/doze.

The surrealness of my dreams spread into real life, my mother rang and offered me her car. I don't drive, and have no intention of learning until my health is a little more stable, and certainly don't have the finances to afford to run a car!

Once the pain killers and compression gear had started to help, I discovered I was getting hungry, so woke up, got food and settled down to emails, only to discover about 10 students asking for their assignments to be re-marked. I'm not going to look at these till Friday.

I've rescheduled consultation to Thursday, hoping I'll be ok by then - if not, I may need to get a tutor to fill in for me. My hands have given up again, so I'm crashing now.

Whatever you do, please avoid getting this virus - it's nasty!
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