Wednesday, October 20, 2004

New spot for a hive

This time one came up just under my eye on my cheekbone. This is quite a disturbing development, indicating (clearly) they are getting worse (not that I couldn't already tell by the anti-histamines keeping them away for less and less, and the welts getting worse during a flare). I've nearly got two months of leave saved up (on a part time wage). If I skimp over summer I'll be able to take Dec (paid), Jan and Feb (non-paid) off to look after me, try to recover a little. Then I can tutor next year in first semester, save up a bunch (still skimping) and hopefully get a 'real job' (part time) mid-year. It's a better time to be looking for a job anyway (compared to Xmas). From a health point of view, this makes a lot of sense, and is probably the best option I could choose. From a money point of view - ouch.
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