Friday, October 22, 2004


A large number of secondary (and probably tertiary) students are suffering from CFS. Apparently this number is rising each year (perhaps due to the increase in students?), and the secondary education board (VCAA) has cut back on promised of special provisions for sufferers.

I don't think I've read any hypothesis that has questioned the education system or the state of society in general as possible reasons for CFS. They typically blame 'competitive entry scores' and pressure from family. I think the major causes are inadequate preparation for final years throughout the education system and general health being degraded by multiple causes (stress about society, fear, mass medication through water supply, nutritional needs not being met - again due to a large number of reasons, pollution rising, increased allergies, family problems, advertising of standards to difficult to conform to, etc).

Entry scores into many degrees at uni have been dropping, year after year, to try to keep the student numbers up (and it's not working in computer science at Monash - from over 300 last year to 170 in this year's first year level).

I need to get back to marking... I have no motivation...

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