Sunday, October 17, 2004


Someone infected me with a lovely cold. A bog standard, quick to set in, very wet sounding cold, my first simple cold for this year. *grumble*

 Brian and Nadeen's wedding yesterday had an unusual number of young'uns present, seems like most people around my age are breeding. Shalana was extremely well behaved, getting a seat all to herself (at 7 weeks!), and giving cuddles all round. Unfortunately I think she detected when I got dizzy and started to grizzle, but Kate managed to settle her to sleep, while I headed off to crash for a bit.

The massage I received on Friday was lovely, very gentle with half being reflexology. It certainly got things moving - started break-through bleeding through two forms of continuous blocking medications yesterday (thus the onset of dizziness and cramping), coughing and spluttering away today, however, at least

I've been able to move my neck a little more than usual.

Now, I need to get this place a little cleaned, get dinner, put the washing away and somehow stop coughing!
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