Wednesday, September 29, 2004


Philip Island on the weekend was wonderfully relaxing, if only I hadn't been so tired! The nightly spa's did wonders to my shoulders and feet, the walking wasn't too strenuous although it showed how unfit I have become. Furry animal therapy was wonderful, but made me long more for my own kitties (we are waiting to hear back from the landlord, yea or nay). One of the koalas was really showing off, sitting on the boardwalk banister and eating from placed food. I hope it didn't get patted. 

The 'Ultimate Penguin Experience' is also highly recommended. Instead of being in a concreted area with 1400 other people including kids, prams and tourist groups, we were meant to be in a small group (15) with no children. As it happened, it was just the two of us in the group.

The ranger took us to a separate beach on the other side of the island where we watched the sun set peacefully over the bay. Luckily, the weather was fantastic with quite a bit of light provided by the almost full moon. Equipped with night binoculars, camping mats, torches and all weather gear (just in case), we watched many small and large groups of penguins waddle up from the waters edge.

After about 40 minutes, we walked back along the beach, often keeping pace with penguins at the grass edge, then up some really steep stairs and back to the penguin center. Two couples of penguins were checking out the breeding boxes provided by the staff, and one of the males decided to do his mating dance, hopping and bopping around the female. It was a much more relaxing, natural and thrilling experience - the best way to see the penguins.

Churchill Island was also neat, mainly because of the kitchen gardens in the historic site. By this stage I was really quite tired and when it started raining heavily, that was a good enough reason not to go on a long walk around the island. Instead we went for a slow to arrive but very scrumptious lunch at the visitor centre.

Hive welts kept coming and going, requiring anti-histamines every 1.5 days. It's been about four weeks now with no respite apart from what's provided by the medication.

I've had to deal with far too much marking (and tutors who said they would, then couldn't, mark) and am getting stressed over how to go about reducing contact with my family. It's become ludicrous now, with bribery in addition to blackmail. I'm too sick and exhausted to deal with them any longer.
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