Friday, September 10, 2004

Just what I needed

Hives... the really welty, itchy kind that covers the whole body. If they are still as bad tomorrow, back to the doctors I go, even though they really can't be treated. They started at my hips, spread downwared to cover my legs to my ankles, and then went up from the hips. It has just reached my hands and top of my neck, and I hope it stops there. Add that to the excruciatingly painful ulcer I have just been diagnosed with (I thought it might have been a form of cystitis... but no - it had to be radically different and difficult to treat), and I can't concentrate for more than 30 seconds! I'm meant to be marking... For some reason my left eye looks like it has taken a whack - the cheekbone just under the eye is puffy and purple - no idea what it causing this! The doc did say that it is not unexpected that my health is crashing now that I'm not studying, and that I should not expect to see any improvement until it has finished crashing. Yay.

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