Saturday, September 4, 2004

Alive, but barely disappeared for a little while due to a policy misunderstanding between the domain registrar and the re-seller/host. At least that's worked out for another year.

Then my computer decided to have several hard to fix fits of possession. Eventually figured out that it was a dodgy implementation of APM (the interaction of the CPU and motherboard was not healthy).

This was after replacing the hard disk after trying to figure out why it kept throwing errors in reiser - an install of ext3 didn't fix the errors. That problem was due to the motherboard corrupting the interrupt table. At least I have a nice large drive now, which I'm proceeding to fill rapidly. I should probably think about replacing this nasty motherboard.

There went several weeks, diagnosing and dealing... More weeks have been lost to marking and trying to deal with the overwhelming need of the second years for consultation for assignments. Now, I just have to deal with the worsening depression and somehow slow (or preferably reverse) the retreating. Oh yeah... and do loads more marking.

Doc essentially forbade me to continue with honours, the psych, honours co-ordinator and supervisor agreed. So honours for me is now indefinitely put off. It's very disappointing, and I need to somehow 'move on' and stop stressing over it. This happened because my blood pressure has been very bad since the kidney infection a couple of months back. The diastolic has been around 100 far too often. I've also been told to go on a severe diet and exercise regime, that so far, I've found impossible to follow properly (especially the exercise part - too much pain and exhaustion).

Anyhow... I'm sure I'll be posting more regularly now that my domain and computer both seem to be more stable than me....
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