Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Planting and pruning

It's the time of year to start growing things again.. it's meant to be getting warmer and currently my garden is sprouting daffodils, jonquils, snow drops, blue bells and ranunculi all over the place, which make it look a lot more cheerful than the weather is behaving.

Currently planted and growing happily are snow peas (flowering but not yet setting pods), broad beans (aquadulce), parsley (going mad!), nasturtiums (not flowering), rosemary, lavender, hyssop, rocket, thyme, valerian, comfrey, snapdragons. In pots inside I have various house plants which I haven't killed (yet!) oregano, mint, coriander and more thyme. The jalapeno pepper is hanging on by a thread, the strawberries have given into the wet conditions and will need to be removed. Recently potted: miniature lemon meyer, nectarine (nectarzee), lime (kaffir), passionfruit (nelly kelly) and various lavender shoots.

Awaiting potting is a new strawberry (which needs to be joined by 3-4 others when I get time to go to the nursery). Six different types of seed potatoes have been planted (bison, nicola, ruby lou, desiree, kennebec, toolangi delight), requiring an emergency trip to Bunnings to get straw and B&B. I spread about 30 cloves of garlic along the edge of the bed, hoping they will have enough room to grow happily. My heated seed bed is planted with lemongrass, mesclun lettuce mix, basil, carrots, chives, garlic chives, marigolds and coriander, all of which seem to be doing marvelously, despite the low-ish lighting.

Next to plant are more carrots, parsnips, beans, peas, spinach, lettuce, radish, turnips, dill, fennel, nasturtiums, feverfew, chammomile, alyssum, poppies, hollyhocks, moonflowers, spring onions, and too many more... but of course spread out, especially as I only have one heated seed tray.

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