Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Health kick (enforced)

Having spent the last few weeks running round visiting all my doctors and specialists (after a kidney infection showed I had high blood pressure), I've been ordered to go on a massive health kick. The kidney specialist wasn't all that concerned about the kidney infection (hadn't had one of those since I was a kid), but warned me to stay clear of salt and monitor the blood pressure. The two non-usual doctors I saw for the infection had mentioned blood pressure medication, but wanted to monitor for a few more weeks before deciding. As the BP is jumping all over the place (from normal to really high, especially the distolic), and changing quite fast, it can't simply be one consistent problem, meaning there is at least a decent size stress problem affecting it.

So, my regular doc (who just got back from holidays) has ordered a huge lifestyle change for a few months at least. This includes:

  • no dairy, wheat, rice, pasta, red meat, caffeine
  • little salt, sugar
  • loads of water, fresh fruit and veg, veg juice and veg soup
  • no painkillers or sleeping tablets (under any circumstances)
  • 30+ mins walking 5+ times a week
  • yoga 5+ times a week
  • 20 mins meditation 5+ times a week
  • As organic as possible

Add that to my attempts at getting rid of parabens, chemicals, etc, and I feel like I'm going completely batty. I haven't been able to do yoga more than 3 times a week, partly due to pain, partly to tiredness. Even simple (but bad) tension/sinus headaches have knocked me out as I typically take pain killers to carry on with cleaning/work. Thus study has completely stopped (not that it has had a chance to start again). My moods have become more manic and more depressed, partly due to increased pain, codeine withdrawal and break through bleeding (probably also due to the above). My body is hurting, particularly the shoulders and neck from tension, lower back from sciatica and chest (front and back) from costo flaring again. So here I am, just managing to get through one day at a time, each day feeling worse, not being able to work, clean, study, live...

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