Monday, June 7, 2004

New hair


Spikey, short, punky, blue hair. Neat! And so much lighter than the long plaits.

I still have the plait, I'll hang onto it until photos are taken, and then look into selling it to a wig maker (although, blue hair really isn't in demand, and it will not bleach!).

The hairdresser at Brandon Park (Quadro) did a good job, although it's a little longer than I expected, the colours actually look brighter - almost newly dyed.

Therefore I will not be re-dying for a little while to give the hair a little more time to recover and discover it can be messy and stick upwards. It's so used to sitting flat that it does not want to be spiked and stay spiked, no matter how much gunk is there holding it ;>
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