Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Leave taken

With the doctor's encouragement, I've taken 3 weeks of annual leave (only 7.5 days as I'm part time!).

This is partly to aid recovery from the long term virus that I've had for nigh on a year now, and partly to try to get somewhere with the outstanding honours work that I wasn't able to get done during this past semester.

I'm still having horrific nightmares which leave me quite dead emotionally, and exhausted physically. At least I'm not having much trouble sleeping for a decent amount of time each night, as I used to.

My annual review went well, my new supervisor is experienced with long term health issues, which is a huge benefit when dealing with my situation. I caught up with the honours supervisor and now need to update my medical documentation (Thursday) to support a case for extension till the end of the year which will be put before the education committee (or at least the chair of that committee).

My duties in second semester will most likely be able to be blocked into chunks (no teaching), apart from attending an honours subject and consulting for various first, second and potentially third year subjects. All additional duties would probably be able to be done from home, so I may only need to attend uni for one to two days a week. Hopefully that will help honours and health. Due to the increasing flexibility requirements of my health, I don't feel comfortable asking for the third semester teaching bonus, especially as I won't be lecturing over summer in future.

The last few weeks have been pretty horrendous in most ways (pain, depression, virus, and a possible UTI for the first time in years). In an effort to reduce the overall background (really foreground at the moment) pain level, I'm completely off dairy again, and trying to cut down on sugar, salt, fat, meat and processed foods.

The pantry is slowly being converted to organic produce and cleaning chemicals are gradually being replaced with natural cleaning solutions. I'm trying to reduce the amount of chemicals (especially parabens) in body and face care products, having made my own toothpaste and found an organic mouthwash.

As usual, at the start of an extended period of leave, I exhausted myself rearranging rooms, gardening, cleaning, etc. My hours are shot - I don't manage to get to sleep until it is light, which is fine for watching UEFA 2004, but not for the days where I need to get up around 9ish.

Maybe I should swing my hours forwards, rather than trying to hold them back. I need to be at uni at 9 on Thursday!
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