Monday, June 14, 2004


For those who are squeamish, probably best to not read on...

Mirena (IUD) and a fairly large adenomyoma do not coexist peacefully, at least not at the beginning, and especially not when the IUD was inserted with NO ANAESTHETIC!

Thursday was the most painful day I have ever had, even tripling doses of Mersyndol Forte didn't completely get rid of the pain, although it did get rid of my insomnia.

I think I passed out at some stage, there are gaps in my memory between screaming. I could sit up later at night in front of the TV still majorly medicated with pain killers and not moving. If I moved, that was the trigger for much more pain.

Friday wasn't much better, but I slept for longer and therefore needed fewer pain killers. Bowel movement was extremely painful. Migraine had developed during the night, and stuck around all day.

Saturday I was ok-ish in the morning, but every time I started doing things, the pain got bad enough to curl up back in bed. Migraine still just as bad though.

Sunday, a bit better again, pain pattern has changed from the aggravated Mirena pain, to more of a period pain. I was able to wander around the house and do bits and pieces, as long as there wasn't much bending or lifting involved. Migraine cleared up sometime, although there is still pressure around my eyes.

Monday (today) I fainted in the shower. Last I remembered was reaching up to put a bottle on the top of the door, then found myself on the floor, water running quite cold, the shower door cracked, right toes killing and broken plastic bottles leaking outside the shower. Don't know how long I was there. Cramps came back with a vengeance so I went back to bed and slept. Unfortunately that meant I missed consultation, and other important work things.

I haven't read anywhere of symptoms of missing a dose of Effexor (anti-depressant) including fainting. There are lots of mentions of brain 'zaps', which is not very descriptive, as that could mean brain jumps subjects - hard to concentrate, or pain spikes in very localised areas.

Anyhow... am taking it easy, and hoping to be at uni on Wednesday for the final consultation session.
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