Monday, May 10, 2004


I managed to survive the most hellish week I have had pain wise since my last operation, and even then, I think this surpassed the operation recovery pain.

I have a couple of Mersyndol forte, and half a packet of Panadeine forte left. More should be delivered on Wednesday.

I hate being so low on pain killers because if either the adenomyosis or costochondritis flares up badly, I go through them very quickly. Now I just have to wait for the blood to be reabsorbed, which will take about 5 days, give or take 2 days. At least I can walk around fairly easily now. Bending and sitting is still quite difficult.

My new toy helped me pass time in bed, playing scrabble. I even won, once. The Zaurus is very nice, easy to use, but not many applications are on the native ROM. I will probably move to Open Zaurus with a different calendar (I need icons or at least colours for categories!), and extra applications for shopping, inventory, moon phases, games, German-English dictionary (and maybe flash cards or something), ebooks/etext reader, weather plug-in, and Perl.
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