Wednesday, May 5, 2004


The combination of pain killers, antibiotics and anti-depressants is very strange, especially when coupled with a period which normally leaves me weak anyway. I feel like my arms and legs are 'fizzing'.

My pulse is erratic (very fast and light at the moment), my torso feels completely sluggish and heavy, and my neck keeps cramping around my throat-collarbone area.

My chest feels extremely badly bruised from the flare of costochondritis on Monday, which had me hardly breathing, and required too much medication to control.

I don't know what is causing my sore throat, or the costo, possibly the virus is jumping into any part of my body that is feeling vulnerable.

Thoughts and vision are jumping all over the place due to tiredness - I only got about 2-3 hours sleep.

Bernd (honours supervisor) bumped into me today, I had been avoiding him as I haven't done anything honours wise. He was quite understanding though, so I shouldn't have any problems just dragging on and getting little bits done here and there, until it's finally finished.

I wanted to make cookies and a cake last night, but didn't manage to get to the shops to get tapioca and rice flour for the cake, and fell asleep sometime in the afternoon, only waking when the boys got there for their usual Settlers game.

A white tail fell out of washing that I was folding up to put away, of course it was squashed and binned immediately. However, I had a weird bite on my foot this morning, with strange discolourations around it. I hope it wasn't another spider - there is a mutual hatred between me and white tails. They jump out and attack me when they see me, and I try to kill them when I see them (after I get past the freeze/fright stage). No one believes me when I mention that they are trying to take over the world.

Wombats are also aiming for that goal (except they always seem to fall asleep).  

If you haven't read "Diary of a Wombat" by Jackie French, you should - it's hilarious!
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