Thursday, April 15, 2004


Sheri S. Tepper - Sideshow

I found this to be even better than The Revenants. Sideshow seemed more mature, smoother, deeper and better narrated. Again, this book has a political and sociological undercurrent, exploring how various culturally separate societies would deal with the situation where a beneficial symbiont has infected most of the galaxy and now seemed to be attacking their people (theirs is the only known planet to have evaded infection so far, and is not in contact with the rest of the galaxy at all). The governments of all provinces believe that the organism actually enslaves humans, and thus tries to eradicate it using any means necessary.

The characters are very carefully developed at the beginning of the book, pushing the plot development back which causes a little confusion for a while regarding how various narrative threads relate to each other. Very enjoyable with many unexpected plot twists and character developments.

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