Thursday, April 29, 2004

Nasty side effects

The first dose of Effexor had me shaking continuously for about 12 hours, starting 3 hours after taking the tablet. Touch me anywhere, and you would have felt the fast and continuous muscle tremors. My brain feels fractured, but definitely more alert. I can't concentrate on anything or do anything strenuous for any length of time. Nausea is a big problem, especially when I yawn, perhaps due to yawning using a similar action to retching. I also wonder if Effexor is a diuretic, I've been really thirsty and fluids are just going straight through. I've also got my base weight down 2kg in a week - possibly due to less fluid retention. I haven't found any comments about this on the web though, so it may be something else.

These side effects were decreasing, until I doubled the dose two days ago. Again, uncontrollable tremors, inability to focus (vision and concentration), nausea, and a new one - very bad insomnia, in the last two nights I've had a maximum of 7 hours sleep.

People commented today on how calm and quiet I was, without realising that it was actually due to being completely dazed and sleepy! I have been on average a lot warmer than usual, today seemed far too hot though. Unfortunately the virus seems to have worsened, turning into laryngitis and an ear infection, so I'm not sure which of the symptoms are linked to the virus or are actually side effects of the anti-depressant.

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