Monday, April 19, 2004


TV stations need to stop putting good music shows on late at night, they keep stopping me from sleeping at a reasonable time. The other night there were two excellent documentaries, one about the head of the music department at Sydney University. This was an exact picture of how it is currently at my university - cutting funding for teaching, requiring more hours and research on top of lengenthed teaching and admin work. I guess it's this the world over in the world of academia. Sad really.

The second documentary was a very well done picture of several women who contracted AIDS, following their lives, dreams and peoples responses to them. Last night ABC showed Sondheim's musical/opera - Sweeny Todd; the demon barber of Fleet Street. I was suprised that one of the singers was actually the actor who played Dougie Howser MD, and although it was obvious he was definately not a classically trained singer, the character he portayed needed the kind of raw, simple voice that he had. The lead female (Mrs Lovett) was incredible, but had a striking resemblence to Deana Troi. I think I had seen a production of this a long time ago, or at least heard the music on the radio at some stage as it seemed very familiar to me.

But both nights saw me in bed around 2am... not good when I'm trying to swing to being more of a morning person. As a result, I have a migraine today :-\

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