Tuesday, April 6, 2004

Dying complete

It's actually closer to the original intended colour (dark deep blue) than the dye I used (combination of blue and purple). There are dark teal streaks peeking out from dark blue, almost black sections beginning at deep velvety blue/purple hair at the roots. The bleach made the roots white this time and let the blue penetrate the already dyed parts.

If I need a touch up colour, I'll probably go for pure purple. I was a worried that it would turn out pink and thus used the blue dye in combination with the purple, but I never expected this much blue!

My hair also got a trim to try to reduce the split ends, but with the amount of knotting and matting on drying, I don't think it worked. Bleach is cruel, tomorrow night I'll put a long conditioning treatment in. If I don't like the colour tomorrow, when viewed in the sun, there are two boxes of black on standby (they are actually quite moisturising).
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