Wednesday, March 31, 2004

Autumn murmurings

For the first time in a long time I got home (walked) as the sun set. It was the most gorgeous sunset I have ever seen, and I'm kicking myself that I don't regularly carry a camera. Add to that the numerous trees turning beautiful shades of red, orange and yellow, and it was a lovely walk home, even though I was carrying a heavy bag, and it was along a main road. I even rang Bernie at work to make him look at the sunset ;> Don't know if he did though.

The marking has started, which means the year has begun in earnest. I'm only doing the plagiarism check, which is going to take long enough. I hope there aren't too many. This week it's 1304 assignments (essays). In a couple of weeks it's the 1303 written programming test, followed the next week by the next 1304 assignment (website).

Looks like honours is going to be bowled over by work yet again :-\ I'm beginning to hate the combination of study & work at the same location. Work takes much more than the appointed hours. Study also takes at least double the suggested hours, more when you take into account the time getting into the right mind-frame, which is highly necessary for honours. Considering I'm hopeless at context switching, keeping work at work only, and studying in general, it's no wonder I'm not getting anywhere.

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