Tuesday, March 23, 2004

Tinkling rain

Now that the pain is lessening I am finding I am able to think and actually start to get more things done. I even managed to get in some gentle bellydancing today, and am about to start ironing patchwork cloth pieces. There is some new cloth staring at me, goading me into hand washing it, so I might get that done too before I crash. I also want to get some of the bibliography typed up for the paper that I'm running oh-so-far-behind on. I managed to organise my web-bookmarks, yahoo account, and sort through my email.

Slowly but surely I feel like I have a bit more space in my head. The last 4-5 days have been hellish pain-wise. The adeno pain was feeding from the sciatic and costochondritis pain in lovely feedback loop, and it left me leaning very heavily on strong medications. I haven't had to do that for a while, and would love to know what the trigger was. Bernie and I both think it was not caused by yoga, or the small amount of dairy I have been having off and on. Ahh well.

The office ladies have bought little rubber stoppers to hold the heavy doors at work open for me - they are so sweet! I'll be filling in a 'hazards' form tomorrow to submit to the building designers and the health & safety people. The heaviness and awkwardness of those doors are directly contributing to the worsening of my current bout of costochondritis. Those doors are impossible for disabled people to operate - they are so heavy and awkward. I have no idea how they passed the normally stringent design requirements of a university.

Rest, gentle exercise and warmth is all I can do to help it get better, although the 10 day course of anti-inflamms has given it a good kick start. Maybe it was them that made my pain get worse? I wouldn't put it past them upsetting my stomach. Who knows.

(Update: due to kidney disease, I can no longer have anti-inflammatory medications. Anti-inflammatories can cause kidney failure in people with damaged kidneys).

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