Tuesday, March 16, 2004

Lumps of overtime

I know that I would never be paid overtime, or my hours raised, but currently I'm doing 30 hours per week for an 18 hour per week contract. And I'm not even teaching any classes! I have to track my hours closely this semester as I would be making any time under contract limit up with marking. I've just let everyone involved know I'm doing as little as possible to eat the 'overtime' up. Some of the tutors are taking up more time than they should by not following instructions on entering marks and timesheets, and ringing me for non-emergencies when I'm not at uni. *grumble*

What is it with people (tutors) this semester? We've had a total of about 15 tutors pull out because they found 'better offers', whether that be tutoring 'better subjects' or new jobs. Only one had mentioned in advance that they were looking/applying for other jobs. Some are refusing to be truthful and accurate in what hours they are claiming for meetings and preparation. On the other hand, I'm mightily annoyed that the tutors do not get paid past 1 hour of prep for some of the more difficult subjects. However, it should not take that long on average, and to be fair, the tutors should spend an hour and then stop as that is all they are getting paid for. They also should not claim for time longer than they spent. *more annoyed grumbling*

I need to get out of here, but judging from friends experiences, it's no better anywhere else. Obviously this is murdering my honours study, as my health does not allow more than an equally divided part time work & study arrangement. However, I did draw up a schedule of due dates and marking dates which seemed to indicate I can finish by the end of the year (providing I am not stuck with ALing technical documentation, yet again, which by past experience is more like a 60 hour per week position for an 18 hour contract).

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