Sunday, March 14, 2004

Hair stripping


I'm going to be trying all sorts of suggestions for removal of bright unusual hair colours, in preparation for the next round of bleaching and a new bright/dark unusual hair colour. Plans include hot oil treatments, anti-dandruff shampoo (even though I've never had that!), Pantene shampoo/conditioner (I noticed these ripped the colour out the first time I dyed it), and other intensive conditioning treatments. Possibly even swimming in a chlorinated pool/spa (but I would have to wear a cap). I'm hopefully re-dying my hair a different colour next weekend (or the one after). When I get sick of that colour, it will go black, then be cut to around one inch in plenty of time for winter.

Most people think I'm insane for wanting short hair over winter, but I really hate the matted hair look that I get when wearing scarves. It's also insanely painful when brushing out the knots! The trip to Germany taught me that this length is impossible during winter (but I had to keep the length to do the long blue hair).

On another completely unrelated note, I did a Myers Briggs test again recently, and came up with my usual INFP, with over 90% introvertedness. The 10% extrovert must be my hair ;> Doing the word association test (as opposed to the 'short statements' version) resulted in ISTJ - the first time I've ever got a 'Thinking' instead of 'Feeling' result. The S/N and J/P swap-over is unsurprising as I'm always borderline, however I've become much more Judging (as opposed to Perceiving) since I started lecturing. I try to do one of these tests each year, to see how the results change.

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