Friday, February 6, 2004

Pain.. and other things

Switching pills is a pain, literally. I don't want to mix different types of hormones, so I'm giving myself a break, thus I have to suffer a week or two of horrid pain. This is only a month since my last period (normally I have three months).

I had been trying to get free of codeine for a bit, as I was needing to ramp up my dose of Mersyndol forte to 2-3 tablets every few hours to knock a migraine/crampy day on it's head. When I get to that dosage, I try to go cold for some months. Codeine dependence actually seems to increase pain levels, so you need more of it. Codeine withdrawal increases depression, moodiness, and overall pain, especially pressure pain (ie - much more sensitive to massage, even a light massage can cause a lot of pain if on knotted muscles). Lying in the bath the other night hurt my back like crazy if I tried to not get my hair wet (and thus leak blueness). But... I can't get through a period without painkillers *sigh*

My ePharmacy order is awaiting stock. Argh! I needed that shipped yesterday/today as I need to start the Minulet pill on Tuesday at the latest. Usually they ship the moment they receive the prescription (which they got on Thursday morning), but maybe they are out of Minulet. There was a $9 difference between the ePharmacy price and a normal pharmacy price, per packet (2 months) for this pill, which is ridiculous! Postage is only $4.50 so I end up saving $14.50 just on this prescription, but if I had known it may not make it in time, I would have paid the extra.

I am surrounding myself with things to help me regain some (any) enthusiasm for life. So I have bought several indoor plants, expanded my gemstone collection, and am awaiting the health to get out into the garden to start the vegie patch and clean up the front yard. Indoor plants have such a calming influence, even though I can't keep them in good condition for long. I really miss the garden I had at my previous house. Bernie bought me flowers (roses!) yesterday. I haven't had flowers for so long, and I used to bring them inside from the garden all the time. The only flowers in this garden are spring bulbs, obviously not available now.

The pond fishies have new playthings - 10 small comets (gold fish) were added, and we can't see them. I hope the big goldfish haven't eaten them. New fish and many plants seemed to have calmed the red-tail black shark in the tank down too. He is limiting himself to only chasing the black widow tetras now and again. The four new angels are very cute, being around the size of a 5 cent piece, a little different to the 8cm monster I lost before I moved. Clown seems a little happier too. I guess plants all round are a good influence, now... I just need to write an exam.... hope the mersyndol doesn't affect me too much. I'll need a bunch of people to test sit it and proof read (no... current students or friends of current students can not do this).

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