Tuesday, February 17, 2004

Of fish and grumpiness

The phone rang every 5-10 minutes from about 5:45am this morning till 6:30, typically they hung up before I could get to it, and it was most definately a wrong number. Grrr....

Note to self - don't go walking outside in the sun for "just a couple of hours" without loads of sunscreen. Ow... I've never lobstered my hands before :-\

I have been looking at indoor water fountains for a while, and typically the price ranges from about $80 to $700 or more. This is ridiculous, so I decided I should make one myself. I found a teensy pump for $13, add another $10 for pebbles, and probably up to $5 for a bowl, and I'll have made a neat fountain for under $30. This is going to be in my office, as I hate computer hum - it distracts me enormously. This is going to be important as this semester I am only going to do consulation and loads of marking, no teaching. I'll only be there 2 days a week in general, obviously more often when I'm marking assignments (typically in several 11 hour stints).

Hopefully this will also give me enough head space to get a move on with honours and health stuff. It should also give me ample time at home in the garden to enjoy it. Speaking of the garden, we had a huge fire risk on the weekend - a 4 point powerboard was left connected and hanging around the back garden, open to the elements. It had been fine until the last week or so. I noticed a very large spark and some smoke when hanging washing out, it was completely covered in soot when turned over. The electrical connection is now isolated, and we are waiting for an electrician to find out to where it connects and to disconnect it at the source.

The pond has been fished to oblivion. It looks like the little tackers (comets) attracted an ibis, who proceeded to eat them all, and mutilate the big fish. A side note - Ibises should not walk along house gutters, it gives the appearance of a cartoon. The pond is now void of fish and it depresses me each time I look out. I think it's time to clean it out, divide the lillies and val, build a wire cover, weed all around it, and see if we can get the pump going, then of course, restock with lots of fish. The lillies are too large, so I'll have some available for picking up in the next month or so. Contact me if you are interested in grabbing some repotted, divided water lillies or val, both of which grow like monsters.

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