Friday, February 27, 2004

More Xrays

Well, really it's just another routine head CAT scan... my third. My doctor was shuffling through results of past tests the other day, and commented that I'd had a large number of Xrays, CAT scans, MRIs etc of nearly every part of my body. However, that would probably only be about half the total number due to kidney tests, and many back, teeth and arm xrays as a kid. She warned me not to have too many more as "it may be dangerous". Eeek. Ahh well.. tomorrow's scan will decide whether I need an operation to drill out my sinuses. I have no idea if that would help the migraines (or the current bout of inflammation in my jaw :-\). It's not a pleasant test if I can remember the one I had in '99 correctly. The most pleasant test I had was the one that created a 3D model (capable of fly-through simulation) of my kidneys - it took half an hour of lying completely still while this soothing humming machine gradually scanned. I fell asleep. I wish all tests were that pleasant.
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